The NCC activities started in our College in 1964. At present, there are two NCC Coys. 1/5 NCC Coy is an open coy which enroll boys and girls both where as 3/5 NCC coy is exclusively for Senior Division boys. Regular Parades are held in the College. The organization conduct certificate ‘B’ and ‘C’ Certificate examination every year. The Cadets, holding ‘B’ or ‘C’ Certificate are given bonus marks in the appointment in different govt. non Govt. organizations. The cadets of our College are selected for different national level camps.Faculty:-


  1. Maj. M. K. Pandey Coy Comdr. 1/5 NCC Coy.
  2. Capt. A- Haque Coy Comdr. 3/5 NCC Roy.

N.C.C. Cadets participating in pulse polio rally  Oct. 20